Course Description

Every community or a group derives its inspiration or direction from one or more central principles that it places at its center. The course offers an analysis of the Mul Mantra, the core of the Sikh ideology on which the entire edifice of Gurmat framework is based or founded on.

In essence, it captures the character traits and the personality of Ik Oankar, the beloved, the longing of every Sikh, as sketched in the Guru Granth Sahib. It carries and shapes the world view of the entire Sikh community.

The course covers the origin and the meaning of related terms like Mantra, Mul Mantra, Bij Mantra, Gur Mantra appearing in the Guru Granth Sahib, in an effort to explore their significance and place in the Sikh tradition. The course also delves into the etymology of each word appearing in the Mul Mantra and the various interpretations offered by different Sikh theologians on them.

With this course we hope to bring more clarity to one's general understanding of the Mul Mantra, and in the process that of Sikhi principles enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib at large.

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Surender Pal Singh

Surender Pal Singh is a researcher in Sikh studies. He serves as Content Manager at the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI), where he develops curriculum, presentations, and research papers on Sikh history and culture. He teaches a course on Gurbani at Sidak, an annual leadership program by SikhRI. He is the co-author of Gurbani linguistics book Guru Granth Sahib – Its Language and Grammar and Workbook Gurbani Language and Grammar. He has over seven years of experience in teaching Gurbani linguistics and fifteen years of experience in teaching Sikh theology and culture. He received Master of Arts in English and Religious Studies. He lives in Panjab.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mul Mantra Introduction

    • Introduction to the Course

    • Interpretations of Mul Mantra_Pritam Singh

  • 2

    Mantra and Its Adjectives

    • Mantra - Etymology & Significance

    • Mantra Modifiers

  • 3

    Mul Mantra Statistics

    • Constituents

    • Forms and Appearance

  • 4


    • Prof. Sahib Singh

    • Bhai Vir Singh

    • Giani Harbans Singh

    • Iku Oankaru

    • Sati Namu

    • Karta Purakhu

    • Nirbhau Nirvairu

    • Akal Murati

    • Ajuni Saibhan

    • Gur Prasadi