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Dialogue with the Sidhs | taught by Surender Pal Singh
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Sikh Gosti Introduction
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The course explores the bani of Sidh Gosti. Revealed to Guru Nanak Sahib, the bani details his encounters with the Sidhs and the ensuing dialogue that took place between them regarding yog, its outlook, lifestyle and the Sikh take on it.

Currently, yog is undergoing a zealous revival in the Hindi heartland of Indian subcontinent, and across the globe as an extension of it. It is being promoted as an exercise to create a buzz around it. Because of a lack of touch with Gurbani, there is much confusion and speculation about yog in the Sikh world, regarding its place and compatibility with Sikhi.

Through elucidation of this bani, the course puts forth the Gurmat perspective vis-à-vis yog. To do this, the course offers interpretation of the bani in detail, while incorporating the opinions of major Sikh theologians and commentators. It juxtaposes fundamental features of yog with Sikh principles and worldview as outlined in the bani. In the process, the course gives an overview of yog, its methodology and basic terms (vocabulary) used in relation to it as they appear in the revelation.


This course has been made possible by the generous support of Guneet Kaur, Jasneev Kaur and Ishmeet Singh of Belle Mead, NJ.

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Surender Pal Singh
Surender Pal Singh

Surender Pal Singh is a researcher in Sikh studies. He works at the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI), where he develops curriculum, presentations, and research papers on Sikh history and culture. He is the lead instructor of Gurbani 101 track at Sidak, an annual leadership program by SikhRI. He is the co-author of Gurbani linguistics book Guru Granth Sahib – Its Language and Grammar and Workbook Gurbani Language and Grammar. He has over ten years of experience in teaching Gurbani linguistics and twenty years of experience in teaching Sikh theology and culture. He received Master of Arts in English and Religious Studies. He lives in Panjab.